Tips for Managing the Tough Teenage Years

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Tips for Managing the Tough Teenage Years

When I first began creating a family, I had a lot of fun teaching and playing with my little ones. We conquered the "terrible twos" well and began to think that parenting was a breeze. However, when my little ones became teenagers, I was not ready for the issues we had to face. My teens became very secretive and started developing a little sibling rivalry. I was eager to restore our close-knit family structure again, but just wasn't sure how to do it. I decided to take our family to counseling and during our sessions, my teenagers began opening up and talking to me about their problems again. I was ecstatic at this change and it continued at home. I am eager to share what I have learned about managing children throughout the tough teenage years and other tips for solving family and relationship problems on my new blog!


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Learn How To Help Your Daughter During A Pregnancy That Was A Result Of Being Raped

When a teenager has been a victim of rape, it can be difficult for her to be able to rebuild her life, especially if she became pregnant because of the rape. Young teens are often not ready to raise a baby and being able to take on another mouth to feed is not always possible for all families. If your teen got pregnant as a victim of rape, adoption may be the best option for the baby and for your child. The following guide walks you through a few things to discuss with your daughter to determine if adoption might be the best option for her.

Discuss How She Feels About the Pregnancy

It is important to take the time to talk to your daughter about how she feels about the pregnancy. She will need to get counseling to handle the emotions that she is feeling, but talking to her directly may be able to help you determine if she has animosity toward the baby or if she is considering keeping it and trying to raise it on her own.

Discuss Options with Your Daughter

Discuss options with your daughter in an informative way. You do not want her to feel as though you are trying to guide her in one direction or another. If your daughter feels that you are pushing her to do something that she does not want to do, that could cause her to pull away from you and make it difficult for you to help her through the situation.

Take Your Daughter to an Adoption Agency

Allow your daughter to hear firsthand everything that she needs to know about adoption from a professional. She will be able to learn about being able to see her baby as it grows through an open adoption and about having a closed adoption so that she does not have to see the child again, if that is something that would make her feel more comfortable. Getting pregnant by rape is often a very traumatic situation for a person and often causes a woman to react differently toward the child than she would if she had gotten pregnant under different circumstances.

It is ultimately your daughter's decision to choose what she wants for her baby. You cannot force a decision onto her or she could have animosity for you for the rest of her life. Be supportive in any decision that she makes and try to be as understanding as you can possibly be.